Give Your Loved One the 

“Senior Safety Phone” app

Want Peace of Mind Knowing That Your Loved Ones Can Reach You When They Need To?

If Your Loved One Needed To Call You …

Could They ?

Available for Apple iPhones

In an emergency …

would they be able to call for help ?

Often times as our loved ones get older, it can become harder to remember things. Sometimes this includes important things such as using the telephone. 

Now there is Senior Safety Phone

One Simple Screen (No scrolling or swiping to other screens)

With Senior Safety Phone there is ONE screen with six numbers available. 


Five can set for the most frequently called people and the sixth to set up with an emergency number. 


With the name and Large Photos of each contact, your loved ones are less likely to become confused.

Sometimes seniors have trouble tapping the exact spot on a mobile phone.


With Senior Safety Phone we make the entire portion of the screen for that number the   Active Tap Zone

Easy Dialing

Make it East to Find

Position the Senior Safety Phone icon in the Dock … by itself. 


This will also reduce confusion, yet it still allows access to all other apps

Plus … It is as easy to Set Up, as it is to Use

Help Your Loved Ones Stay Connected

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